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VJ: Is vaping causing more damage than good?

Pierre Nixon
Vaping Stock Image.   Lindsay Fox,

Vaping is held up by anti-smoking advocates as a game-changer to help people addicted to nicotine lower their intake.

However, many high school principals from around New Zealand have spoken out about a vaping epidemic occurring in their schools. 

Pierre Nixon looks into one of New Zealand's most current issues by questioning whether the good that electronic cigarettes can do for smokers outweigh the negative impacts vaping has had on students at high schools. 

Talking with the Director of anti-smoking advocacy, getting the medical lowdown from a health professor, and chatting with a high school principal, Nixon looks to showcase the discussion around vaping in New Zealand. 

The story was researched, scripted, shot, and edited by Pierre Nixon. 

Due to the privacy of those in the video journalism piece, the story will not be directly uploaded to Metro News but can be shown upon request to Pierre Nixon.