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Vinyl gloves deemed unsafe

Abbey Wakefield
Vinyl Gloves Minced Meat
Eagle Protect has withdrawn some of it's vinyl gloves after a negative health and safety report.  Eagle Protect

Health and safety risks have stopped New Zealand's main vinyl glove supplier from continuing sales.

Eagle Protect used to supply 80% of the country's primary processing food industry with vinyl (PVC) gloves.

It voluntarily withdrew the gloves and decided not to produce the gloves any more because of a health and safety report carried out. 

The company's Chief Operating Officer Gareth Brooks says the gloves contradict the company's image.

"There were toxins found in the gloves which are known to cause cancer."

Gareth Brooks says the gloves are dangerous for the user and the food.

In 2001, Japan banned vinyl gloves because of the effects they had on health and food safety.