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Video Documentary 2022 | Its Okay to Play Croquet

Hayley Linton

A documentary based on the misrepresentations of croquet.

My role - Producer/Production Manager

Croquet is a niche sport that involves hitting plastic balls with a mallet through hoops embedded in a grass playing court, otherwise known as the lawn. Croquet New Zealand has 19 affiliated Associations nationwide which represent 112 croquet clubs and over 4,700 individual members. The intention with this documentary is to encourage people to keep an open mind/perspective around sports like croquet that don't necessarily attract a large crowd rather than to increasing player numbers, even though clubs would benefit from this. Our target audience will be towards Gen Z which is made up of mostly teenages in order to show that any aged person can play and it's not just an ‘old person’ sport. However, this documentary should also appeal to any age.