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Video of car hitting child goes viral

Elizabeth Thomson

Shocking footage shows a car hitting a child on a bike at the Harewood Road roundabout near Bishopdale Mall.

Slow down at roundabouts

This is one of the most shocking video's thank you for posting. DON'T watch if you have kids. And slow down at roundabouts please.

Posted by NZ : Electronics on Saturday, 11 August 2018
The shocking footage of a child being hit by a car was posted to a local Facebook page.

The video, posted to the 'Shocking Christchurch Drivers' Facebook page, shows a child riding their bike through the roundabout, when a car fails to give way and knocks the child off of their bike.

Since being posted on Saturday, the shocking video has been shared more than 2000 times and received hundreds of comments. 

The child can be seen running to the safety of the side of the road after being hit.

The video's timestamp is for April 13 this year.