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Veganism and butchery going hand in hand

Natasha Payne

The rise of veganism in New Zealand makes a Christchurch vegan butchery as busy as ever.

Two opposite words - one shop with some delicious food.

One Christchurch women has created a ironic vegan butchery which has seen a rise in customers with the growth of veganism. 

Flat Grater, along with her husband created the butchery, Grater Goods, last year. She said she saw a need with the influx of vegans throughout New Zealand and in particular, Christchurch. 

“When I became vegan, to was a very fringe idea. People didn’t really understand… I used to carry my own soy milk around from cafe to cafe and asked them to make me a coffee, because they didn’t have any non diary options.”

Grater is a 5th generation butcher, she said she wanted to create something that is a nod to her family's history. 

The Sydenham butchery is located in a concrete building but with the number of customers rising, they have new plans to create a full butchery shop and cafe. 

Grater and her husband have a three year old daughter who has been vegan her whole life. Grater admits she is now at an age where is wants to try non-vegan foods which is a challenge - but knew this time would come. 

The vegan cafe also shows you don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount to be vegan. “All the cheapest foods are vegan,” Grater explains, “all your veggies, legumes and simple foods are the cheapest options”. 

You can pop down to the vegan butchery on 103 Orbell Street, Sydenham Christchurch.