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Unions fight for Cadbury workers

Cadbury factory dunedin
Cadbury factory in Dunedin  Wikimedia Commons

Unions are fighting for the workers of the closing Dunedin Cadbury Factory.

Unions are calling for tax exemptions on the redundancy payments of Cadbury workers.

Whilst in Dunedin, Prime minster Bill English said "I hope the workers from Cadbury got the best outcome, in the form of a redundancy payment."

However, the average length of service at the factory is 15 years, meaning workers from the Dunedin factory are at risk of losing up to 33% of their redundancy pay to government tax.

Union organiser Chas Muir proposed that the workers get tax breaks on their payments because of the tough circumstances.

"We are working toward the best possible outcome for factory employees" said Muir.

Unions will continue talks with the government.