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Unchatter: A new way to connect

Courtney Winter
Unchatter question cards.  Handmade Photography

One women has created a connection experience which brings together people in a space where being present in the moment is a priority.

Unchatter's founder, Natasha Zimmerman, says people in everyday life feel unconnected from society and are thirsty for deeper meaningful connection.

What started as a simple Thanksgiving party with her friends turned into a 'no small talk' party, where people are encouraged to ask deep questions about others.

Natasha received an amazing response and decided to take the plunge, making the event Unchatter which officially started in February this year. 

"We need that deep, meaningful, I-see-you kind of connection" Natasha says.


Holding hands to bring a people together. Handmade Photography

It is a thoughtfully curated experience for introverts and extroverts alike. She says that if you're a human and want to feel like you matter, this is the place for you.

"Unchatter is a place where people can connect in a much more meaningful way than people would get in everyday life." 

Natasha says it is a safe space for people of all personalities to open up and be vulnerable, to have those conversations they wouldn't normally get in other situations. 

Unchatter happens every month, with April's event this Friday.