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Ugly Ink: Approachable art for all situations

Carmina Blewett
Corona art
Ugly Ink's lighthearted, innovative ideas for Covid-19  Sam Moore

Christchurch's Sam Moore is making the most of COVID-19's lockdown period and inspiration.

The illustrator behind People of New Zealand sees the bright side to extra time on one's hands during national distancing measures, with recent content reflecting the lighter side to the issue.

"A lot of my stuff is making the mundane, boring stuff [and] showing how it can be interesting ... the things I'm kind of looking forward to that will be nice. It makes you realise what you've missed, things like that, like hugging mum."

Some of Moore's latest works provide suggestions for passing time in lockdown and draws light upon what Kiwis can look forward to post-quarantine such as quality espresso and dog encounters.


While COVID-19 wreaks havoc on Earth, it is likely the virus also exists in Flogoria, a modern Ugly Ink fantasy world.

"I'd say it probably could transfer; there's probably something there far worse I'd say, and their public health system wouldn't be as good!"

With uncertainty looming those in the creative industries, Moore recommends reclaiming personal motivation and refining one's craft amidst New Zealand being put on hold.

"Use this time as an opportunity to put back into your hands - work in a way that makes Coronavirus not really affect your creative work."

Follow Moore's live streams and latest art @ugly_ink.