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TV News editing

Calvin Kruger

A collection of TV News bulletin stories I worked on as head editor.

My role as Head Editor for the TV News module had me co-ordinating, working with and helping four other editors to create polished television content for a live broadcast news show. On top of this, I was working with journalism students to edit their footage into news stories. 

The environment for editors in the TV News module was fast-paced and required issues to be fixed as quickly as possible. Every editor would receive footage and voice-overs between 0900 and 1100 with the expectation of submitting the story on the day before 1500. 

Below are three out of eight news stories I edited to be featured in a live studio broadcast.


Wish features the new BNZ Crusaders campaign starring Ace, a horse that could. The campaign was centered around themes of bullying, inclusion and perseverance.


Lego features the robot building courses for Lego MindStorm available at the Imagination Station here in Christchurch. The course aims to introduce programming to children in a fun and educational way.


Starring the Mainland Tactix in their upcoming battle for a top 3 placement this season. Interviews with players and coaches highlight the teams new determination.