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Arborist says the council is guilty of eco-terrorism

Charlotte Cook
Norfolk pine tree  RNZ Public Domain

A tree expert says the council needs to keep up signage to save protected trees.

 Local arborist Mark Belton says some blame for trimming protected trees like a Norfolk pine in Sumner can be put on councils because they frequently show a lack of understanding and respect for protected trees.

John Visser, owner of the Blackbird Cafe & Bar, on the Esplanade, was recently fined $300 after hiring a worker to trim a Norfolk pine. He believed the branches would soon reach the power lines.

Mark Belton says the authorities are also guilty of 'eco-terrorism' - referring to the eight cherry blossom trees which were cut down by the Selwyn District Council earlier this year to make room for a new subdivision.

"In New Zealand there is a lack of respect for trees in urban and wider landscapes - things are happening which shouldn't be."

"A few leaves in the gutter and people want to chainsaw the trees".