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Technology allows time travel at Catholic Cathedral

Cathedral panel
Cathedral Panels  Catholic Diocese of Christchurch

The Cathedral of Blessed Sacrament is now allowing visitors to travel back in time, with only their phones.

It may be only 2017, but a Christchurch Cathedral has allowed its visitors to travel back in time - with a twist. 

Interactive panels outside The Cathedral of Blessed Sacrament on Barbadoes Street, lets visitors see  videos, photos and drone footage on their phones. 

The 12 panels feature QR codes which visitors can scan with their phones and then see a 360 degree video of what the Cathedral looked like before the earthquake. 

The Cathedral was seriously damaged in the 2011 Canterbury earthquake and still needs repairs. 

Reverend Rick Loughnan said he saw lots of tourists visiting the Cathedral trying to take photos of the building through the gate and thought the new technology could help them compare the past and present. 

The Cathedral still needs to find $70 million dollars to repair the damage and is hoping fundraising efforts will help.