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Travel: Re-plan, rethink, respect

Carmina Blewett
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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, global tourism has been experiencing major setbacks   Carmina Blewett

With global tourism on hold, COVID-19 is changing the topic for globetrotting writers.

Martina Grossi, founder of The Global Curious, usually blogs about travel guidance and itineraries, yet with national and international restrictions in place, numerous plans have been called off.

“I was travelling to Argentina in June, so that’s not happening anymore, and then my mother-in-law – she was supposed to arrive from Chile, and that’s not happening either.''

Despite plans for Indonesia as far ahead as Christmas now axed, she believes there are positives to be appreciated during the downtime.

“But, all in all, it’s good, because last year was the biggest year in terms of travel for us. I was travelling for nearly five months, so this year… it’s good just to take it easy and focus on the blog and growing my business.”

Despite the current situation, Grossi is finding inspiration and opportunities amidst the hold ups for business growth in content writing, as well as creating product and gear guides, something the Coronavirus lockdown period is allowing extra time for.   

While the Argentine national is unsure of what travel blogging will look like going ahead, she believes a trend in domestic tourism is likely to emerge with a greater national appreciation for our backyard.

Martina Grossi
Martina Grossi, founder of The Global Curious, has been pursuing travel and living overseas since 2013 Martina Grossi

“Travel local and rethink the impact of travelling – slowly get in to how to become more of an environmentally friendly traveller. It’s interesting and there is a lot to explore there.”

For people experiencing a bad case of the travel bug, she encourages them to “save money, research and keep dreaming”.

In spite of the difficulty of being far from home, Grossi is thankful to be in the country during the COVID-19 pandemic with current measures in place for national safety.

“All the time I get messages from my family and friends who are like, ‘Oh my god, Jacinda! Look what she’s doing, and she’s brilliant,’ so I definitely feel proud that I get to live and experience being in a country like New Zealand in this situation.”

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