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Race To Recovery - Documentary Director/DoP/Editor

Tom Cuthbert
Race To Recovery
Video Still  Tom Cuthbert

For our Documentary module I created an injury/recovery based short-film based on a supersport 600cc motorcycle rider's injury in early 2021.

I searched for the story, ensured it was going to be content-rich enough to fill our required length and then set about producing it, while managing to navigate a time-sensitive recovery that gave both a circular story as well as what I believe were excellent settings and story complimentary imagery, and extensive sound design.

I acted as Director, Director of Photography, and Graphics Animation/Editor, and as such was the driving force behind the story.

As part of the process I collaborated with a photographer Aaron Staples, gained access to footage shot on the day from Jacob himself, and was able to bring together a cohesive story using elements recorded before production had begun, eventually bringing it all to an A grade level production.

As a culmination of my technical skills and hobbies/passions I believe this is some of my best work, although there are still things I've taken from the process; nothing is perfect.