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This is not a drill: Tool Lendery coming soon

Jasmine Ng

Wanting to do a DIY home improvement but can’t afford the cost of tools and equipment?

Tool Lendery

Gap Filler is creating Tool Lendery to fix all your inner-builder needs by allowing people to borrow tools.

Project developer Rhiannon Josland said it will allow people who don’t have the storage space for tools, or who can't afford them, to be able to fix things at home or start a woodwork project.

Tools will be able to be hired out for a full week, with the option to renew or return early.

Certain tools will come with an instruction guide, whereas more potentially dangerous tools will have a face-to-face induction on how to use them.

Membership will be free, and Gap Filler is considering making a flat fee for every tool.

“It will definitely be under $20,” said Josland.

A recent survey held at Tūranga Library saw the tool most highly wanted was a power drill.

Tool Lendery is opening mid-May on the corner of Cashel St and Manchester St, filling in a gap Kākano Café left behind when they closed.