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Thieves target tradies' tools

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Senior Sergeant Stephen McDaniel said tool theft is a nationwide issue.  Brooke Jenner

Placemakers have teamed with the Canterbury Police in a bid to combat the theft of expensive power tools.

Placemakers and the Canterbury Police have teamed up to help tradespeople protect their tools from being stolen.

Senior Sergeant Stephen McDaniel of the Canterbury Police said thieves targeted power tools because a quick profit could be made from the expensive tools.

"This is a national prevention initiative designed to reduce crime, victimisation and hold thieves accountable," he said.

"We are encouraging tradies to engrave their tools with their driver's license number," he said. "This means that tools can be returned to them if they are lost or stolen. And it's a lot easier for us to identify which crime or offence the tools have come from."

Police officers were at Placemakers Cranford street Friday morning engraving tradies' power tools free of charge. 

Placemakers marketing manager James Munro said power tools cost between $300 and $600.

He said commercial and residential builders, in particular, were key targets for thieves as their vans were easily identifiable. 

He said engraving tools was one of many methods tradespeople could use to prevent theft.

He recommends all tradespeople use lock boxes to store their gear, park off the road and take their tools indoors overnight for added security.