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Professional hunter and business owner says there's always an upswing after a downturn

Digby Werthmuller
  Manuka Point Lodge

Owner of Manuka Point Lodge, Don Patterson, believes he'll be ready to get his business back up and running once New Zealand re-opens its borders.

For Patterson this should be his busiest period of the year, taking hunters from around the world on his 25,000+ acres of trophy hunting paradise. 

Now, he's had to push bookings as far out as July, August and even into next year.

"Being in the tourism industry, most of our income comes from tourism.

"That means when the international borders are closed, you're effectively out of business."

Patterson says it'll be interesting to see what comes out of the Government's tax package, and how it'll help his business.

He says dozens of operations in the hunting sector have been seriously affected, mainly because they were impacted at the start of their peak seasons.

"They've got all their facilities in line and everything lined up for their season and then....pow! Straight out of the blue, it's unbelievable."

Patterson says they're in for a rocky ride but he's confident they'll bounce back quickly once the borders open.

"I look out the window right now and I'm looking up the valley, and see the first snow of the year on the hills and nobody's here."