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Cars line around the block as McDonalds gets used to the new normal

Nick James
Mcdonalds lines
Cars cue up as McDonalds opens up for the first time in five weeks  Nick James

Long lines have been seen at McDonalds restaurants around the country as some parts of the economy were allowed to open up for the first time in five weeks

McDonald's worker Bobby Lomauchi said, “I expected for the restaurant to be crazy busy but since the drive-through will only be open, we will be able to focus all of our efforts in one area, so it won’t get too bad.”

Thor Kenyon, a fellow Mcdonalds' worker, said it could get difficult as there would be a limited menu with particularly dairy items like sundaes, soft-serve cones, and milkshakes, not available.

"It means people can’t always get what they want which can lead to a few angry customers from time to time."

Kenyon also said the company had introduced a variety of new safety measures to keep to the rules of level 3.

Gloves have to be worn at all times and changed every hour, there are plastic protective screens at every window, trollies between the kitchen and the drive-through window, and employees must keep a distance of one metre.

Alert level 3 will last for at least two weeks. Cabinet will decide if an extension is required at the end of this period.