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The Art Of Creative Wellness (Ep.2)

Antoinette Spicer
The Art Of Creative Wellness
The Art Of Creative Wellness  Antoinette Spicer

In this episode, Antoinette Spicer speaks to people and organisations who run art programmes in prisons across Aotearoa, from painting and drawing to ballet behind bars.

The Art of Creative Wellness podcast delves into art initiatives and projects which are improving New Zealander’s mental health and wellbeing. The five-part podcast series covers; creative spaces, art programmes in prisons, arts and accessible performances, art practices and programmes which respond to tragedy and, the funding model of arts initiatives in New Zealand.

Also available on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/2jXbh1gk2b6FOu3jgW8ouC#_=_ .