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Techweek 2019: A festival of innovation

Dan O'Connor
A Techweek advert at the Epic Innovation Campus.  Dan O'Connor

Event is about "more than just our phones and laptops... [it's] about finding solutions to the problems we face", says festival manager.

Techweek has continued to grow since first being launched in 2012, and will this year have more than 60 events in Christchurch.

Events range from conferences to workshops, with some for children and families.

Festival manager Alicia Northridge said the intention behind Techweek was simple.

"New Zealand's technology and innovation sectors are growing rapidly and Techweek fosters that growth by providing a week-long opportunity for connection."

Northridge said technology was part of everything we did.

"But it's more than just our phones and laptops, tech and innovation are about finding solutions to the problems we face."

One of the premier events at this year's festival is SouthMACH, where the South Island's top technology is showcased every second year.

Event and sales manager Aad van der Poel said SouthMACH had "a lot of great exhibitors this year".

An exciting one to look out for was HP's "mindblowing" new jet fusion 3D printer. It was able to cut prototype printing times from one hour to 12 minutes, van der Poel said.

SouthMACH's trade show would also feature an entrepreneur hub for technology advice in partnership with Ministry of Awesome and Ara Institute of Canterbury.

Techweek this year will hold over 500 events across 28 cities in New Zealand.

More info can be found on SouthMACHs website.

For more info on Techweek you can visit their website here.

TechWeek History

To coincide with the Hi-Tech Awards in 2012, NZTech began a tech innovation week to build enthusiasm around new technologies being developed in New Zealand.

The event's success led to NZTech joining forces with top Auckland businesses to expand the event.

In 2016, TechweekAKL was launched, with 55 events across 10 days, with 10,000 attendees. The next year, TechweekAKL became TechweekNZ.