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The Tactix lay the ground work ahead of a must win game against the Magic

Layla Bailey-McDowell
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Tactix captain Kimiora Poi during a dumbbell bench press set.  Sam Clark

Following three straight losses in the ANZ premiership the Tactix are hopeful and positive ahead of their round 11 match against the Magic.

Despite such a strong start to the season, the girls in red and black have struggled to stay afloat losing to the Northern Stars last weekend 57-50.

Captain of the side Kimiora Poi says they were obviously very disappointed with the results, especially given how crucial that particular game was to the teams standings.

Gaining no bonus points from last weekends game the Tactix remain fourth on the netball leaderboard behind North Island teams, the Northern Stars, the Central Pulse and the Northern Mystics.

Fortunately for the Canterbury side their dream of making the finals is technically not over. They currently have 21 points and with three games remaining they have a possibility of ranking third. This will allow them a place in the preliminary finals match where the winner will take the first ranked team in the Grand Final. However, they must win their next three games, with the hope the competitive Northern Stars drop their next two.

Poi says that it is in fact possible, and the team needs to believe in themselves and back their strengths.

“ I think that bit might have been missing in the last couple of weeks. But going back to backing ourselves and believing we can actually do it, and then going out and doing it.”
Kimiora Poi, Tactix captain

Unfortunately luck has not been on their side in terms of injuries this year. With young defender Greer Sinclair already ruled out for the season, key players Jane Watson and Kimiora Poi add more stress on coach Marianne Delaney-Hoshek with their current injuries.

In regards to seeing Watson and Poi courtside this weekend, Delaney-Hoshek says they’re not 100% certain whether they’ll make an appearance but she remains hopeful.

The Tactix will face off against the Magic who they have faced twice already this season and have won both of those games. However, they only won last months game by three points and their coach says that with both team's styles matching up nicely, it will be both tough and exciting.

Luckily for the Tactix this Saturday's match will be a home game at Main Power Stadium in Rangiora.  Although it will be their last time playing in Ōtautahi this season, Kimiora Poi believes the support of their fans behind them will be an advantage. Claiming the "small venue and intimacy" allows for some motivational energy.

The Tactix remain unbeaten at MainPower stadium, which coach Delaney-Hoshek states they aim to continue. She will also be taking that winning statistic with her as they journey over the Waimakariri.

This Saturdays game against the Magic will also mark her 100th game coaching the Tactix so she is looking forward to hopefully honouring that success with a win.