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Sustainable shopping - the latest fashion trend

Safiya Mehta-Woledge
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Rental clothing.  Safiya Mehta-Woledege

How social media is shaping our wardrobes through clothing rental accounts.

Instagram clothing rental accounts have blown up across New Zealand. 

This is where one user collates garments and loans them out through social media, for a cheaper price. 

People can book an outfit with the account and arrange to have it for a period of time, such as for an event, and then return it back to the owner. 

The clothing is often designer or high quality pieces stocked in different sizes to reach a wide range of shoppers. 

The accounts cater to a variety of people with differing brands and styles, so the options are endless and very inclusive. 

This means fewer people are shopping for singular events and aren't creating excess waste on clothing they would only wear once. 

Pretty Little Hires is one of the many accounts out there with almost 4000 followers. 

It is run by Fontayne King and Sally Peng, who say the account is a way for them to combat fast fashion and work towards a more sustainable fashion industry. 

"I think we've all been victim to fast fashion, which is what we noticed and we didn't want to be those people hoarding clothing when this way we can expand the lifetime of a garment," says Peng.

Pretty Little Hires delivers clothing across New Zealand and the owners share that they're often spending more than $800 on a singular dress. 

"It is a lot of money, but in the end it's worth it for the girls that rent from us as then they're not just buying a new outfit for every occasion." 

Benjamin Alan, a sustainable designer in New Zealand, agrees this is the future for fashion.

"It's so wonderful to see people consistently reusing high quality and often sustainably made clothing - it's a change the industry needs to recognise."

He commends these accounts for their efforts in combating the mass waste fast fashion creates. He hopes this is a trend that lasts.