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Students say buses aren't worth the wait time

Luisa Osborne
Students are still more likely to drive than bus.  Luisa Osborne

Despite a cheaper bus fare, students say driving is still the better option.

UC student Chloe Betony says it’s ridiculous there's a brand new motorway encouraging driving, instead of an improved public transport system that could benefit university students in the Waimakariri area.

Betony lives at home in Kaiapoi as the cost of living in town is too expensive. But there's no direct or quick way to get to campus, other than driving. 

"It’s worth weighing up the monetary costs and time costs as well." 

She says it takes half the time to get to campus by car than by bus, and it only costs her about $5 more a week. 

Cassandra, another UC student, says delays are what puts her off, especially on weekends. 

Caitlyn Penney, also at UC, says it's a struggle to find a park, but it's still quicker than taking the bus. She says it's also safer, especially at night. 

Christchurch resident Frank Hill told ECan earlier this month students don't take the bus because it's inconvenient, and worried those who are paying for the buses aren't using them. 

According to a recent UC study almost 57 percent of students drove to school, compared to a mere 3.4 percent who took the bus. 

Of those students 55.4 percent said they commuted because it was quicker, and 43.7 percent said because it was cheaper. 

UC student Caitlyn Penney says despite struggling to find a park, it's still better than taking the bus.