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Young people urged to enrol for vote

Aaron Dahmen
Ethan Tuhua Berryman

Young New Zealanders are not enrolling in big numbers for the election despite an exciting campaign marked by tight polls.

Aaron Dahmen & Ethan Tuhua Berryman

Early voting has started for the September 23 election, but Electoral Commission figures show 310,960 Kiwis aged 18-24 are enrolled to vote compared to a total of 338,269  in 2014. 

In total, an estimated 367,989 people who are eligible to vote are unenrolled. 

Electoral Commission spokeswoman Clare Pasley said young people were often late to enrol, but she expected more to registered before election day. 

Those eligible to vote have until September 22 to enrol.

in the voting place
Early voting has started nationwide. Electoral Commission

Pasley said people could enrol and at voting stations, which would take no more than 15 minutes. 

Many young peopled failed to see the relevance of voting to their lives, she said. 

ballot boxes
Voting stations have opened nationwide and the Electoral Commission is encouraging young voters to enrol. Electoral Commission

She encouraged people who are unsure of which party to vote for to do some research.

"The Commission also has a broad mix of advertising in place, including advertising targeting younger voters, to encourage them to enrol and vote," she said.