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Technology predicts recovery of stroke patients

Delphine Herbert
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A new process developed by Auckland University researchers called PREP, helps to predict how well patients are expected to recover

A new process to help with recovery after strokes has been developed by Auckland University researchers.

Associate Professor Cathy Stinear and her team created an algorithm called PREP (Predicting  REcovery Potential)

PREP can be used in the initial days after a person has suffered a stroke to predict whether or not they will have a poor or great recovery.

She says the study is an important breakthrough because 6000-8000 Kiwis suffer strokes annually and the number may increase with an ageing population.

Instead of looking at large groups of people they're assessing individuals which helps to tailor a personal rehab plan.

Stinear says it's the first time these tests have been done anywhere in the world.