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Union strikers could stop the heartbeat of Lyttelton port

The port was closed on Tuesday night as workers from the Rail and Maritime Transport Union continue their strike over pay and safety concerns.

Workers from the Rail and Maritime Transport Union (RMTU) are handing out leaflets to the board members' neighbours as they wanted to get the message out that the people living next door could be the ones causing hardships in the community.

RMTU organiser John Kerr said they need a new strategy since the port won't come to an agreement.

"The pain that the wider community is suffering as a consequence of this dispute, needs to be [shown] to their neighbours."

He says the port workers are ready for a fight after eight proposed deals with the port were denied.

Union organiser John Kerr said they have a few more tricks up their sleeve to get the port to see eye to eye.

InkedLeaflet LI
One of the leaflets handed to the neighbours of Lyttelton port board memebers. RMTU

The Lyttelton port company said shipping is the lifeblood of the region and the strikes will stop the heartbeat of the port 

‚ÄúRMTU members want the same salary increase their Maritime Union of New Zealand (MUNZ) colleagues received but without making the roster changes MUNZ accepted a year ago."