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Wheelchair user falls and breaks foot at roundabout

Asha Abdi

Patient at Burwood Hospital Spinal Unit "cracks" foot after falling at steep kerb.

Patients at the Burwood Hospital Spinal Unit are finding it increasingly difficult to cross the road at the Mairehau and Burwood roundabout.

Senior peer and family support coordinator Brett Ladbrook said the roundabout was an incredibly busy intersection.

"You can't judge if drivers see you," he said.

It's not only the busy traffic that's a problem at the intersection.

"The kerb's not even and very close to the roundabout," Ladbrook said.

In a video posted to the NZ Spinal Trust's Vimeo, Ladbrook urged the Christchurch City Council to take action after a patient at Burwood Spinal Unit cracked her foot due to the steep kerb.

"The front of her wheelchair dug in. It stopped, she didn't," Ladbrook said.

Coastal-Burwood community board member and city councillor, Glen Livingstone, said the board would meet with members of the NZ Spinal Trust at the site of the roundabout to see what could be done.