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Street Lights

This is the story of two Christchurch sex workers.

This podcast contains mature content and may not be suitable for young listeners. For the protection of those involved, voices have been digitally altered and names have been changed.

Chapter 1

Meet Jess and Lisa, two sex workers in Christchurch, New Zealand. In this chapter of Street Lights, they share with us how they became sex workers and give us a window into their personal lives.

Chapter 2

The women lift the veil on life on the street and in the parlor.  Sex work has some surprising perks and perhaps unsurprisingly, a darker side.

Chapter 3

In the final chapter of Street Lights, Jess and Lisa share their experience with sex work and the law. 

This episode features Detective Inspector Darryl Sweeney and sociologist Dr. Jarrod Gilbert


Soundtrack: Bensound

Voices edited by Luana Barnes

Visuals by Annabel Kean

A huge thank you to the New Zealand Prostitute Collective, Jocelyn Darling and to Jess and Lisa - the street lights.