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Business owners unsure about city-center stadium

Brad Christensen
NG Building Brad
The NG Building on Madras Street  Brad Christensen

A Christchurch business owner feels accommodation options in the city center are far more important than a new stadium.

The Government was looking to secure the last remaining land in the way of their proposed stadium site in central Christchurch. 

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) had already secured ninety-two percent of the land needed to complete the city's rebuild anchor projects and have six properties left on their list. 

One of those was the NG building on Madras Street, co-owned by Roland Logan. 

Logan said there had been a lack of public consultation for the proposed plans which makes him unsure if a new stadium is the best use of the space. 

A number of businesses surrounding the site are also unhappy with the plans according to Logan. 

"Why would they want a stadium that only gets used eleven times a year? They want activities around them that will attract people three hundred and sixty days of the year," said Logan. 

The Christchurch City Council is yet to publish a feasibility study or a detailed concept design.