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Meet the big kids who climb trees professionally

Emma Turton

People were scaling trees and ringing bells up them this weekend at the Asia-Pacific Tree Climbing Championships.



The two-day event had top arborists from the Asia-Pacific region battling it out to see who would take the title.

Amongst competitors was Sami Baker who recently completed her arborist apprenticeship.

"As a career option it's like the best job in the world. I wake up every morning super stoked to go to work," Baker said.

Competitive tree climbing includes five preliminary events similar to daily jobs arborists do.

The events: work climb, aerial rescue, throwline, belayed speed climb, and ascent, test the competitor's speed, skill, and agility.

Winners go onto the Masters events where they are timed and tested on their abilities in one tree.

The top man and woman from both the national and Asia-Pacific championships will represent Asia-Pacific at the International Tree Climbing Championships in Texas later this year.