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Summit Rd speed limit change supported

Thomas Flynn
Tia McDougall
Pierre Nixon

Community leader backs lowering speed, but wants it lower than proposed 60kmh.

Public's views on the road change.

Chairperson of the Spreydon-Cashmere Community Board Karolin Potter is in full support of the speed limit change.

"I think the road should be changed to 50kmh. Some parts are just plain frightening," she said.  

But speed is not the only issue on Summit Rd, Potter said.

"People are going through and causing damage not only to the road but to the environment and the wildlife around the road." 

Cyclist Tania McBeth said the speed limit change would make the road "more user-friendly".

Another cyclist, Sue, doubted people would stick to the proposed 60kmh limit. "If you want people to comply, it should be changed to 70kmh."

A car enthusiast, who wished to remain anonymous, said the speed limit change was not going to change driver behaviour.

"There are no police up there to enforce it anyway," the car enthusiast said.

Besides, speed was not the only issue. "It's people doing skids and burnouts, which damages the road and uses taxpayer money."

Public submissions on the issue will be considered this month.