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Eager shoppers give CBD stores a boost

Liam Hayes
the crossing
One of the lanes at The Crossing in central Christchurch. 

Stores in Christchurch's newest central city development are bouyant after thousands of people visited the shops on opening day.

With a new, stylish facade and big brands, the Crossing drew in a big crowd during its opening weekend.

The shopping complex located between Columbo, Lichfield and High streets and Cashel Mall opened on Saturday.

Country Road manager Tracey Greene said that hundreds of people went through her store over the weekend.

She felt confident the shop would do well after the weekend crowds. The lead up to Christmas would ensure steady business for the store.

Trenery spokeswoman Annie Beker said thousands of people visited the shop.

She thought business would remain strong even once the opening hype had faded.

The international chain store H & M was the biggest and most anticipated shop in The Crossing, with several people camping outside the store in the lead-up to the weekend.

Store manager Abby White said at least 10,000 people had been through the store.

White thought The Crossing wouldn't necessarily draw people away from suburban malls. 

Beker said the new shops had high brand recognition and this owuld keep customers returning.


H & M
H & M at The Crossing. Liam Hayes