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Sex workers are moving away from residential areas

Lydia Clarke
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A new report by the council shows Christchurch's street based sex workers are moving away from working around peoples homes.

The city council's been working with the community and the Prostitutes Collective to encourage sex workers to move away from north of Bealey Ave. 

The report shows that over a decade, the number of sex workers in the wider Manchester Street area has dropped over 80%. 

Council general manager of citizens and community, Mary Richardson, said sex workers operating outside peoples homes and businesses is a long-standing issue. 

"There are no quick or easy solutions." 

There will be six large signs installed around the area north of Bealey Ave to make the public aware surveillance cameras are operating. 

A further meeting about what the next steps are to continue helping this issue will be made next week at the Linwood-Central-Heathcote community board.