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Adding Polyfest to curriculum "harnesses student strength"

Isobel Prasad

Principal of Linwood College believes Polyfest brings hope and joy to the education system.

Linwood College Polyfest 2019

Richard Edmundsen has incorporated the Polynesian Festival (Polyfest) into his school's education curriculum. 

Student's performing at the event are able to earn credits to put towards their NCEA qualifications, which are marked and graded by teachers attending on the day. 

Edmundsen believes taking part in events such as Polyfest provides Pasifika students with a greater sense of identity, which makes them more resilient with other aspects of their education. 

"When we as humans are grounded in who we are, then we have a strong sense of self. From this sense of self can arise a sense of purpose," he said. 

"The whole point of being at school is to create pathways. Having a sense of purpose helps us follow these pathways and get through the more difficult stages of learning."

Edmundsen said watching the students perform gives teachers joy, whilst reminding them about the beauty of the profession and why they began teaching. 

Polyfest is rescheduled for Saturday the 4th of May at the Canterbury Showgrounds.