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Removal of on-street car parking "extremely worrying"

Isobel Prasad

The Christchurch City Council’s latest roadwork plans has a local owner concerned about the survival of his Riccarton road business.

Peter Wah, owner of the Dumplings on Riccarton restaurant, said the council's plan to remove on-street parking and add a tree-lined median between Harakeke and Matipo Street will make it difficult for his customers to come to his shop. 

"We can already see the effect from the change now with a lack of customers," he said. 

The council said almost a kilometre of sewer pipe needs to be replaced, which is buried four metres below the road.

riccarton road map
This map shows where on-street car parking is going to be removed on Riccarton Road. Google Maps

It expects the roadworks to be completed by December 2020 at a cost of $18.4 million.

"The trees we're putting in will have a calming effect that will gently slow traffic, which will make this section of the road a more pleasant destination for shoppers and visitors," Lynette Ellis, City Council Transport Planning and Delivery Manager, said.

However, Peter Wah believes adding in the median and removing car parking is pointless and not needed. 

The council has created a time-restricted car park behind Riccarton Road between Rimu Street and Straven Road to cater for shoppers.