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Retailers name most ‘in-demand items’

Antoinette Spicer
The Warehouse  Antoinette Spicer

Baby wipes, soap, thermometers, chest freezers, and smoke alarms are some of the most purchased ‘essential items’ from online retail stores.

A Warehouse Group spokesperson said top items sold since the start of lockdown were baby wipes, tissues, soap, thermometers, hair clippers and kitchen essentials.

She said the store was seeing high demand for large and small kitchen appliances - including chest freezers, kettles, washing machines, microwaves and vacuum cleaners.

“Customers are also looking for food preparation appliances at this time with demand for slow cookers, rice cookers and air fryers. And we've also seen an increase in the sale of cleaning products,” she explained.

Mitre 10 were are unable to share sales data. However, spokesperson Jules Lloyd-Jones said the most popular items on the first day of online trading included things like firewood, smoke alarms, and a surprising volume of silicones and sealants.

Both stores have been closed to the public since lockdown restrictions began on Wednesday 25 March.

The Warehouse has enforced “temporary restrictions in place on certain items”.The spokesperson told MetroNews the retailer was “experiencing a high demand for essential items”.

“We’re working hard to ensure essential items are available and orders are delivered quickly and apologise for any delays during this time,” she said.

Both stores expect to reopen to the public as early as next week when level 4 restrictions lift.