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Restored Cathedral will be 'wonderful contrast' says Bishop-elect

Steven Walton

Bishop-elect Doctor Peter Carrell hopes restoring the Christ Church Cathedral will create a "fabulous inner city with a mix of old and new".

Dr Peter Carrell was announced on Tuesday as the new Anglican Bishop of Canterbury. 

Carrell, who was born in Christchurch, said the Cathedral was a "particular symbol and expression" of Canterbury's heritage. 

He said New Zealand lacked an understanding of the importance of building heritage, and described the cathedral as a historical icon. 

"As Bishop of Christchurch I'm completely behind this work, and very excited by the progress we've made to-date," he said. 

The Christchurch Cathedral was heavily damaged during the 2011 February earthquake. 

He hoped that work on the Cathedral would be completed within a reasonable time frame, and thought the completed project would be a "great contribution to the inner city."

"I just think the stone cathedral is such a wonderful contrast to those new buildings [in the city]," he said.