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Forest and Bird: Carbon neutral NZ before 2050 possible

Brooke Hunter
Jack Ward
Low Emissions Economy report has said cutbacks in the Agricultral sector needed to reach carbon neutral goal by 2050  Marta Wroblewska

The Productivity Commission's goal of carbon neutrality in New Zealand by 2050 can be adjusted downward according to Forest and Bird.

The 2050 goal was laid out in the Low Emissions Economy report released earlier this week.

Forest and Bird spokesperson Adelia Hallet said New Zealand should be aiming for much sooner.

"It's really good to see someone like the Productivity Commission... publicly acknowledging that we can't keep pushing the environment for more than it can give us," she said. 

Hallet New Zealand should aim for 2040.

"It's physically possible to do, what's missing is the will to."

The report stated cutbacks were needed in the Agriculture sector in order to make much needed room for replanting of native flora. 

North Canterbury Federated Farmers President Cameron Henderson said farmers were supportive of the changes but may need incentives to ensure they do their part.

Henderson said, just like the water quality debate, "it really comes back to giving the science and agricultural communities time to find these new solutions and implement them." 

He also said the proposal of more replanting of native trees made in the report provided an opportunity for farmers as most farmers have at least some land which they are not operating on for agricultural use.

Cameron Henderson said "with the right support and maybe some funding, I would say that most farmers may look at it as an opportunity."