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Residents unhappy about bus route change

Steven Walton
Christchurch Bus 

Mairehau residents say there is "almost unanimous support" against Metroinfo's plan to re-route the 44 Shirley bus through narrow residential streets.

Metroinfo is in talks with the public about route changes being made to accommodate the residents of the Diana Isaac Retirement Village on Philpotts Rd. 

Under Metroinfo's new plan, the 44 bus will no longer turn from Innes Rd to Kensington Ave. Instead, it will go via Philpotts Rd to the retirement village, and then through Glenfield Crescent, Roslyn Ave, Croziers Rd, Ranger St, and Nancy Ave. 

Resch Fowler, who lives on Nancy Ave, is concerned about having the buses running on the quiet and narrow residential streets.

"It's not the sort of place that you really expect a bus to come barreling along," she said. 

Two out of the 11 proposed new stops are directly across from each other on Nancy Ave. Fowler worried because the street was "very narrow".

Fowler also feared the noise created by the bus would keep her one-year-old daughter awake at night. The bus will run until 9pm to cater for workers at the retirement home. 

Metroinfo notified residents in the affected streets about the proposed change to the 44 service with a pamphlet about three weeks ago. 

Since then, Fowler has been door-knocking, and has collected just under 40 signed submissions from residents against the change. This will be sent to Metroinfo for review. 

Christchurch Central Labour MP Dr Duncan Webb will host a public meeting with residents about the change on the corner of Glenfield Crescent and Roslyn Ave at 10am on Friday. 

Metroinfo has invited the public to provide feedback on the proposed change before August 24. 

bus route 2
The red circle shows the residential streets that Metroinfo has proposed to re-route the 44 bus through. Metroinfo