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Redcliffs ponders three designs for new school site

Ethan Tuhua Berryman
The old Redcliff School that was closed in 2011.  Aaron Dahmen/Ethan Tuhua Berryman

Redcliffs School will have the choice of three design concepts for a new school site at a nearby park.

Next week the Ministry of Education will present three design concepts to Redcliffs School for its new site at Redcliffs Park. Ministry officials and the school board will talk about a budget for the school build and the appointment of an architect.

Redcliffs School students were forced out of their classrooms after the 2011 earthquakes because of unstable cliffs at the rear of the school.

metro schools closure2
Redcliffs School was closed after the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes. Ethan Tuhua Berryman


Ministry head of education infrastructure Kim Shannon said once Redcliffs had its roll and master plan finalised a budget for the project would be confirmed.

The Christchurch City Council decided last Thursday to sell Redcliffs Park to the ministry so a new school can be built there. 

Redcliffs School principal Rose McInerney said she hoped to have children back in the classroom by 2019.

"The students feel so proud it's been a huge part of their learning journey," she said.


Ministry of Education's indicative design from June 2017. View from Beachville Street, Sumner Credit: Google Earth/Ministry of Education

The ministry released some designs for the new school in June, which showed a modern, sleek, set of buildings with a view casting over the beach. 

"Completion of the school was expected to be completed around term one 2020," Shannon said.

 The construction will start as early as mid 2018.