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Recycled is the new black

Carmina Blewett
A second-hand jersey adorned with second hand accessories.  Carmina Blewett

Christchurch's latest pre-loved clothing store is saying no to fast fashion.

Within the past month, two recycled clothing stores have opened their doors to business in the heart of the city's mainstream fashion vicinity.

Mihana, a City Mission charity store specialising in kitsch, is located within the Boxed Quarter, attracting a diverse range of customers. 

Store manager Michela Carnevale said establishments like Mihana were important as they discouraged wastage and promoted sustainability. 

"When you work in a recycled clothing situation, you really see how terrible it [fast fashion] is because all of them are made from non-natural fibres. If you can't sell it again, it has to go into landfill," Carnevale said. 

IT student Ainsley Ficks said he viewed the trend of disposable fashion as "damaging". He supported the idea of reused garments.

"I don't think they cost the main clothing industry anyway, simply because there is always a status need that people have within them," Ficks said. 

Mihana and Recycle Boutique, both located on St Asaph Street, add to the growing number of inner city of pre-loved clothing options.