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So what did you get up to in lockdown?

Nikki Carroll
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Quirky Level 4  flickr.com

Following different social media platforms over the past five weeks has provided an interesting insight into how quirky Level 4 has looked for some Kiwis.

You’ve got a woman who “…got bored and half cut down a tree”.  She only did half because she suddenly realised that if she cut the whole tree down her neighbour would be able to see straight into her bedroom.

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Tree chopping in lockdown the_goodwinlife - Instagram


Then there’s another woman who decided to give herself a 3am fringe cut, followed by an undercut, before deciding to just go bald so she didn’t have to stress about the lack of professional hair care available.


We’ve all seen those crazy Tik Tok challenges, especially the parent/kid dance offs; the makeup tutorials, showingcasing the ‘delicate art’ of application utilising someone else’s arms; Hilary Barry’s ‘Formal Friday’ cooking sessions; and the New Zealand Bear Hunt overachievers.

But did you know about the woman who decided to make the most of her down-time by sorting out her clothing storage, to discover that she owns over 200 dresses?

She’s now wondering if she should add to her collection/hoard so she can wear a different dress every day for a year and blog about it.

“Clothes are my drug! A stamp collection would have taken up less space.”

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Dress addiction revealed in lockdown Facebook

Just to show it’s not only women going a little stir-crazy, there’s a man who has spent four to five hours a day during lockdown rebuilding a classic motorbike. 

He purchased the 1971 Norton 750 Commando about 18 months ago, with the intention of working on it over a couple of weekends to get it to a roadworthy state. 

Turns out this was slightly bigger than a weekend job – the gear box alone had to be rebuilt three times to get it running properly.

According to his wife, this was the perfect lockdown activity – kept hubby in the garage and out of her hair for most of the 33 days of Level 4!