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PT in the Park: Do it, it's free

Jen Black
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PT in the Park in full swing  Jen Black

Saturday mornings in Hagley Park are full of sport and exercise, but one group on the field needs more support.

'It's cheap' was one of the top motivators for why individuals decided to come and exercise at 9am last Saturday.

PT in the Park is a charitable trust with a passion for making exercise accessible for all. A gold coin donation will get you an hour of fitness guided by qualified instructors.

Free sessions mean all of the instructors are volunteers and all gear is provided through local funding, sponsorships and donations. Most of their equipment is four years old and the vinyl medicine balls will need replacing. The funds to run the program are variable with an annual fundraising quiz being the only consistent event.

One of the trustees Dena said, "We'd love to have local businesses support us, coming to us and saying how they can help."

There are many ways they can too, from sponsorships, showing their brand on gear to simply showing up with their team and giving it a go. 

If they don't find the money it'll either have to come out of the volunteer's own pocket, or have they'll have to go without. 

Currently, the team is searching for a central indoor location for winter so the event can run year long without getting called off due to weather. Another trustee James Currie said they had a few spaces they were currently scouting but nothing as central as their usual outdoor location of North Hagley Park. 

Finding a space for winter isn't all, they need to find a permanent storage space for their gear. The trailer stores the gear to and from and is presently stored at a private location. Ideally, the team would love to have a permanent storage facility instead of just the trailer in someone's backyard. 


PT in the Park on Saturday 8th May

Most participants said the trainers do this for free on top of their own jobs and ask for nothing in return. Many of them believe it shows how passionate the group is about fitness being convenient for the community. 

No longer can Cantabrians say they can't afford to look after their well-being when a free option is available every Saturday morning in the middle of town.