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Proposal for a new liquor store in Hornby declined

Ruby Turnbull
299 Main South Rd
The proposed site for a new liqour store on 299 Main South Rd, Hornby.  Ruby Turnbull

Hornby residents have successfully prevented the opening of ‘Good Bliss’ liquor store on 299 Main South Rd.

In a deprived and low socio-economic area, the decline of the proposal came at a great relief to residents. 

On Monday it was announced that the district licensing committee had declined the application for a liquor licence in Hornby. The application was initiated by two taxi drivers, under the name of JJMS Enterprises Ltd. 

The announcement came following the hearing of the proposal last month, which saw many submissions from residents in Hornby opposing the grant. 

The local residents believed that the proposed site was in an unsuitable location, with noticeable deprivation and alcohol harm in the area. 

Waipuna (Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton) Community Board member Mark Peters presented a petition at the hearing. The petition, with 115 signatures to date, opposes the application of the bottle store.

right petition

Peters said that if the application was granted on the fringe of the vulnerable community "it would be a real downfall" for those with alcohol and substance abuse. 

Other members of the community including Liz Gordon, who lives 180 metres from the proposed liquor store, reiterated the "area is too deprived and the proposed applicants are too inexperienced to open up a store in this area". 

Gordon put forward an 8000-word submission at the hearing to stop the liquor store from being granted a license. She said she had dedicated 100 hours or more into resolving this matter.

Waipuna board chairperson Mike Mora said there were already 31 liquor stores in the Hornby area. 

super liqour
This Super Liquor is about 1km from the proposed site of a new bottle store. Ruby Turnbull

"There is ample liquor outlets in the area and we didn't see there was a pressing need or demand for another one," said Mora.  

Despite this, the police and the Ministry of Health did not oppose the grant of the license, which came as a surprise to many.  

"Considering the high crime issues and health issues, and the fact the applicants aren't the right fit, I'm disappointed the Police and ministry of health didn't oppose it," Gordon said.  

Members of the community and board members are working to prevent further liquor store proposals, with talks of another liquor outlet in Templeton.