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Addington School pleads for safety measures at pedestrian crossing

Jen Black
Brougham crossing
The pedestrian crossing on Brougham St near Addington School is dangerous, say parents and pupils.  Jen Black

Close calls at Brougham St crossing, including near-miss of baby in a pram, prompt school community to urge action to be taken.

Addington School Year 6 leaders Tessa and Jacob have asked the Waihoro-Cashmere-Spreydon Community Board to do something about the danger at the pedestrian crossing on Brougham St by Collin St near their school.

The pupils are backed by the school's Board of Trustees. Its chairperson Jo Robertson said four families had approached the board of trustees about the crossing.

Cars were stopping on the actual crossing, forcing pedestrians to walk around them or wait until the next light change. 

Addington School volunteer David Hawke collected data on the school side of the crossing over eight days before the national Covid-19 Level 4 lockdown in March. 

"This issue has been ongoing for at least a couple of years," Hawke said. 

Many parents approached Hawke while he surveyed the crossing. One person had been pushing a pram across the road when a car went through a red light in front of them, he said.

A bridge or tunnel have been mooted as options for improving safety.

"We want people to stop stopping on the intersection," Hawke said.

The community board will visit Addington School on September 15 to address the issue, which has been raised with Labour Minister and Wigram MP Megan Woods.

NZTA data shows in 2016, 832 people were injured and 25 died on pedestrian crossings.

The NZTA project report on Brougham Street and Moorhouse Ave in 2018 highlighted dangers at the crossing. The report states vehicles turning right don't always see pedestrians, the phasing of traffic lights is not enough time for students to cross, and the staggered crossing layout does not have enough space for students.