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Pineapple Lumps production to move across the Tasman Sea

Isaiah Smiler
Pineapple Lumps will be moving across the ditch for production  Isaiah Smiler

With production at Dunedin's Cadbury factory coming to a halt, our beloved chocolate covered pineapple treat will be made in Australia.

After making chocolate for 150 years, Dunedin's Cadbury Factory will stop producing chocolate on Friday.

Production lines are currently in the process of being closed down with Pineapple Lumps being the last lollies to be affected. 

However, it's not the end for pineapple flavoured treat.

Mondelez, the company which owns Cadbury says production of Pineapple Lumps will continue in Australia. 

Manufacturing of all Cadbury products has slowly been moving away from New Zealand for the past few years.