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Parents 'under pressure' over strike

Oliver Cowan
Elizabeth Thomson

Parents and teachers prepare for the primary schools teachers' strike.

Primary teachers across the country will be striking on Wednesday as they fight for better pay and better working conditions.

Protests have been planned for Christchurch in Cathedral Square.

The protests have been marked as family friendly and teachers have encouraged their students to join them. 

One mother, Stephanie Reeves, said she felt well prepared as the school had sent numerous emails. 

Another mother, Leigh, fully supported teachers striking at Somerfield School where her children attend. She'd had plenty of warning from the school and was looking forward to a day off with her children.

Many parents have had to find alternative options for childcare while they are at work.

Afterschool care programme M.A.S.H. has let parents know it will offer holiday programme hours for children on the day.

Other afterschool care programmes have also offered longer hours. 

Cashmere Primary School teacher Sheryn Follero said teachers needed more support and help, along with smaller class sizes. 

"We are not treated well or respected as a profession," she said

Her class of more than 30 children was too big to form meaningful relationships.

Follero said she was grateful for the support of parents and students at the school. She hoped the government would listen to teachers' needs. 

The protests will begin at 11am tomorrow in Cathedral Square, with marches around the city from 12pm.