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Out with the old and in with the new?

Charlotte Cook
What do you want to see in the Christchurch Performing Arts Precinct?  Andromeda/Court - edited by Charlotte Cook

A competition of the arts - two theatre groups are vying for the funding for the Performing Arts Precinct. Who will it be?

Two groups are vying for the City Council's $30-million of funding to build a new theatre in the Christchurch Performing Arts Precinct.

The Andromeda theatre is a modern white cube with co-working spaces. The competition is the Court Theatre which used to have permanent residence in the Arts Centre before the quakes.

Andromeda  Project director, Michael Bell, said he wants the funding to be shared between the arts groups.

"With this particular proposal it means the Court Theatre could go into the precinct, and all these other theatre groups can go into the precinct, and it will be an incredibly buzzing part of town." 

Michael Bell says the Andromeda  will put Christchurch on the map artistically and bring tens-of-millions-of-dollars into the economy.

Court Theatre Chief Executive, Philip Aldridge, said he has nothing to say about the competition proposal or its new design. 

The Court Theatre has a $45 million proposal and is planning to fund-raise for the shortfall. 

The City Council will meet later next month to discuss the proposals.