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Out of the box work life balance

Felicity Dear
The Loves hairdressing
Solly Love and Leslie Love working  Felicity Dear

The Loves describe their work life balance as their “soft rebellion against society.”

Solly and Leslie Love have owned their hairdressing business ‘Out of the Box’ for almost four years now and have learnt a lot from it. But their biggest learning curve was realising rest is essential for success. They continue to follow their passion and maintain a healthy business while prioritising their wellbeing.

When the business first started they sacrificed everything to make sure it would succeed. Just before the first covid-19 lockdown the Loves found themselves falling into the trap of hustle culture. They felt like working 60 hours a week was what young entrepreneurs had to do.

Feeling like the candle was being burned from both ends and that there was no end goal in the never-ending cycle of hustling began to make it feel like the joy was being sucked out of their craft. They questioned why society glorified the busiest people and almost scoffed at anyone who prioritised rest. 

"I think way too often we forget the journey of just being."


So during lockdown, the Loves discussed their priorities and restructured their business to allow them to give more attention to what mattered most. They decided to work the bare minimum so they could afford to live and spend the rest of their time enjoying life in whichever ways they wanted to.

Leslie says she realised ultimately, they didn't care how much money they did or didn’t make if it meant they were forfeiting their souls. They wanted to see the business work for them and not them for the business anymore. The best way to achieve this was to make as little as possible and live as much as possible. 

Now they work from their home that’s more than 100 years old. They do closer to 30 hours a week and spend days off at the beach, going to therapy and relaxing. Society wouldn’t define them as successful, but their happiness is paramount to financial gain and other people’s opinions.

This work life balance has improved their lives greatly, Leslie said.

“Society is so busy that we neglect our own healing. Slowing down our work life has allowed us to be present and improve ourselves.” 

“Society is so busy that we neglect our own healing. Slowing down our work life has allowed us to be present and improve ourselves.”

Now they are living a life where work isn’t the enemy and Solly feels like he hasn’t worked a day yet this year. Following his passion fills his cup especially when he has had enough downtime to do his job well.

“I can’t add value to my guests in the chair unless I take care of myself first.”

The Loves encourage people to find their own value in more than societal standards and focus on being your true authentic self.