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Orchestra connects with community

Emma Turton

Once a month, the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra scales down from performing in concert halls to libraries.

As part of the CSO community engagement program, the 'Music Trails through the Library' lets people get close to see instruments playing which can be hidden at the back of the concert hall. 

"Events such as these bring people from all backgrounds together," says Team Leader of South Community Library Dan Daly.

The initiative now in its third year has gained a following from people who would not usually get to see a full performance, such as babies and their parents.

The free performances from the orchestra "gives everybody an opportunity to experience music," says CSO Community Engagement Programme Leader Cathy Irons. 

"Music meets a need within the community," providing a meaningful experience which people are asking for, says Irons.

The program will continue through the year till November, in a different library each month.