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Opening date set for Christchurch's Adventure Park

Alice Webb-Liddall
Chch Adventure Park
Bikers at the Christchurch Adventure Park.  Google

Christchurch's Adventure Park will reopen in time for the Christmas tourism boom, 10 months after fire tore through its bike tracks.

The Adventure Park was open for only 10 months before fires ripped through the Port Hills, destroying much of the mountain biking park's tracks.

The park will reopen on December 5.

Adrienne Noon, from tourism agency Christchurch NZ, said the park would contribute to visitor spending, which has been growing in Christchurch since the 2011 earthquake.

“The Christchurch Adventure Park is a pivotal attraction for the city and will help attract visitors of all ages.”

In its brief 10-month operational season last year, the park hosted more than 50,000 people and contributed to the growing tourist expenditures in post-quake Canterbury.

Park communication manager Anne Newman said while it had been a huge job making the park safe again after the fire, it was exciting to see the progress made.

“The chairlift was damaged and has been replaced, the haul rope has been replaced; that’s a 26 tonne haul rope… all the chairs have gone on the chairlift and are being load tested toady, and all four zip lines have been replaced as well.”

She said it has been hard work for the bike instructors, who have volunteered and helped to build new bike trails while the park has been out of service.

“These guys were hired to be bike instructors or work in the café or do stuff at the park so for them to still be employed but not really doing the stuff that they’ve been hired to do has been really tough.”

Newman said the park worked closely with firefighters to ensure the highest possible safety measures were in place to prevent another event like February’s fires.

“[We’re looking at] putting an additional retention pond up in part of the park so that is an event like that was to happen again there’d be another water source available.”

She said the employees had instruction on preventative and containment methods for any potential fires.

“All our crew went through fire training the other day and obviously with summer on its way we’re being very vigilant about what could be coming.”

Metro News' Brooke Sullivan went up to the Adventure Park site earlier this year, just after the fires closed it

As for the trails themselves, Newman said they would be different to what people rode last year but would live up to the same high standard.

“By the end of March there’ll be a whole pile of additional trails in the eastern flank as well, which weren’t there prior to the fire.”

She said the park catered to everyone, even those not wanting to get on a bike.

“We have zip-line tours, even if they just want to sightsee – going to the top there are some amazing views now with less trees, absolutely amazing views from the top of the Port Hills.”